RPA-The most powerful "engine" to promote the digital transformation of enterprises



An epidemic in 2020 has caused companies to face the issue of "digital transformation" once again. It can be said that the digital transformation of enterprises is imminent, and it is also a "weapon" for enterprises to deal with such incidents and sustainable development in the future. RPA, on the other hand, is the most favorable "engine" to promote the digital transformation of enterprises.

What is RPA?
Financial robots, namely Robotic Process Automation (RPA), are virtual labor relying on various advanced information technology methods to automate tasks according to pre-set program operating instructions, and realize business processes are automatically processed by robots.

What are the advantages of RPA?
RPA irreplaceable cost development advantage

China Railway Construction Asset Management Co., Ltd. has tasted the "sweetness" of RPA, making them more calm during the epidemic.

Pain points
Before the introduction of Daxin RPA, China Railway Construction Assets Co., Ltd. faced such a problem: due to the continuous increase in the business volume of the bank and the related accounting processing work requires multi-dimensional analysis, the logic is more complicated, there is a lot of repetitive work, which only occurs in a single day The bank-trust business takes several hours to complete the accounting processing and inspection work.

Work with Daxin RPA
In order to effectively improve the efficiency of financial work, reduce repetitive labor, and realize business automation, China Railway Construction Assets Co., Ltd. conducted external research and sorted out solutions.
After demonstration and comparison, the Daxin RPA system can replicate manual operations in a virtual environment, collect and interpret existing applications through robotic software, process data and trigger responses, and interact with other digital systems. It has a short development cycle and low development risk, low maintenance costs, fast and accurate conversion of business data into financial data, etc.

In May 2019, Daxin and China Railway Construction started cooperation. After two months of research and personalized development, we have successfully reduced the working time of 2-3 minutes of bank account processing to 1 second per transaction, which is reduced from the 80 hours required for the original monthly average of 2,000 transactions to 30 minutes, and the data results are accurate, significantly improve work efficiency and achieve the set goals.

Daxin RPA system helps the company to reduce a large number of, repetitive and complicated manual accounting work in a targeted manner, reduces labor costs, and lays the foundation for the long-term development of the bank’s business in the future.

Successful project experience-project benefits
Through RPA, we saved 150 days of labor costs for our customers.


More than 1,300 pieces of data are processed instantly, is it shocking? ! If it is done manually, the target folder may not even have time to be opened at this time.
In fact, more than 10,000 pieces of data can be handled instantly.


Daxin Viewpoint

RPA application is the beginning of enterprise intelligence, but enterprises should not blindly introduce RPA. We have the following suggestions.
▌ To help companies start with small RPA pilot projects. Help companies to intuitively understand what kind of process is most suitable for RPA as a solution, thereby helping to formulate enterprise-wide RPA implementation strategies. Similarly, with the help of pilot projects, customers will be more aware of how to effectively manage demand changes during the promotion phase.
▌ To assess the complexity of the process. First of all, we must target those less complex processes, because the automation of these processes can provide faster returns, and more importantly, it can establish an RPA center of excellence.
▌ RPA is not just a cost-cutting project. PRA is a partner who has an in-depth understanding of your business, and can help companies quickly improve efficiency and generate competitive advantages.
▌ To complete the automation step by step. Your business may achieve a fully automated process, but at the initial introduction, the quasi-automating part of the process may be more effective in using resources, so that customers have the confidence to operate a virtual labor force. When the conditions are more mature, come back to fully automate and optimize this process.

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