Daxin was awarded the "2020 China CFO's Most Trusted Accountant Brand"


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On December 16, the "2020 Eleventh China International Financial Leaders Annual Conference", guided by the China Enterprise Financial Evaluation Expert Committee and hosted by the China CFO Development Center, was held in Beijing. In order to help companies cope with the uncertainty of the post-epidemic era, the conference launched an in-depth analysis on the theme of "CFO Smart Finance and Economic Future in the VUCA Era", presenting a unique feast of ideas.

The conference presented the "2020 China CFO's Most Trusted Accountant Brand". Daxin CEO Mr Yonghua Hu was invited to attend the event and receive the award. The award is comprehensively selected and evaluated by reviewers of the China Enterprise Financial Evaluation Expert Committee, adhering to the principles of fairness, impartiality, openness, and objectivity, and screening the shortlisted institutions, and finally selecting the "2020 China CFO Most Trusted Accountant Brand".

Picture description: Hu Yonghua, CEO of Daxin, was invited to attend the event and receive awards

The expert judges highly recognized and appraised the selection of "Daxin": "Daxin always abides by the practice standards, regulates the behavior of capital market participants by strictly implementing the practice quality standards, attaches importance to integrity management and firm brand building, and is brave to undertake Responsibility and established good relationships with many companies, made outstanding contributions in the industry, and won the full trust of CFOs."
This award fully demonstrates the professional strength of Daxin's brand system for many years, and at the same time affirms Daxin's major contributions in providing enterprises with audit and certification, IPO, management consulting and other businesses, as well as the full affirmation given by the enterprise.

Picture description: 2020 China CFO's Most Trusted Accountant Brand Award

In the future, under the background of the new era of economic globalization and diversification of business forms, Daxin will continue to uphold the concept of "being honest and practicing with integrity", grow with customers and make progress with their staffs, and be ready for innovation and change at any time, To give back the recognition and affirmation to society with better results.

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