Daxin and its partner institutions jointly organized the Finance, Accounting and Auditing Education Development Forum


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Recently, the "New Higher Education•Daxin Accounting Auditing Education Development Forum——Commercial Ethics and Accounting Professional Ethics Education and Teaching Seminar" co-sponsored by the Economic Science Press, Daxin Global, University of International Business and Economics Daxin Audit Research Center and other units, and provided academic guidance by the Institute of Foreign Economic Relations and Trade Accounting was successfully held.
This forum uses remote video methods. Experts and scholars from Peking University, Nankai University, Renmin University of China, University of International Business and Economics, Daxin Global and other units have created more than 10 wonderful theme reports. And targeted the construction of accounting and auditing disciplines, the future development and practice of the accounting industry and other specific issues were discussed in depth.
Daxin CEO Mr Hu yonghua attended the meeting and gave a keynote speech on "CPA audit risk changes and countermeasures in the post-epidemic era" from the perspective of the current challenges facing the audit industry. Starting from the new economic structure, regulatory situation, and the impact of the new crown epidemic on the practice environment of accounting firms, he made a detailed analysis of how to accurately determine the audit risk in the post-epidemic era and effectively respond to the transformation and upgrading of the industry, and proposed new measures such as Deepen reforms.

At the same time, Wang Liyan, a doctoral supervisor at Peking University Guanghua School of Management, Ye Kangtao, Director of Finance at Renmin University of China, Cheng Xinsheng, a doctoral supervisor at the School of Business of Nankai University, Ye Chengang, a doctoral supervisor at the University of International Business and Economics, and Zhang Xinmin, former vice president of the University of International Business and Economics, Famous experts and scholars such as Dong Birong, vice president of Nanjing Audit University, and Lihong, senior quality control consultant of Daxin Global, delivered speeches on related topics such as the reform of accounting courses and industry development.
Regarding the development of accounting and auditing education, experts agree that the teaching reform of financial and accounting courses is imperative, and financial and accounting quality courses should be further developed, and elements such as the fundamental task of cultivating ethical talents should be integrated into the financial accounting auditing classroom, a first-class undergraduate curriculum construction should be strengthened.
The forum focuses on the combination of theory and practice, and explores the construction of the connotation of the accounting profession based on practical needs. It is highly forward-looking, exploratory and innovative. The cooperation with universities and other institutions to hold the forum this time is a reflection of Daxin's responsibility to promote the reform and development of accounting education and jointly cultivate industry talents. This form builds a bridge between the firm and academia, and plays a positive role in strengthening the construction of accounting and auditing disciplines and the transformation and upgrading of the accounting industry. 

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