Daxin won the title of "Annual Carbon Neutral Cutting-edge Enterprise"


Recently, "2021 (Nineteenth) China Enterprise Competitiveness Annual Conference Week" was held in Beijing. Daxin China member(WUYIGE) was awarded the title of "Annual Carbon Neutral Cutting-edge Enterprise".
This year’s annual conference week brought together eight major brand forums, online linkages with more than 200 leading companies, covering real estate, finance, automobiles, banking, insurance, medical, TMT, energy, new consumption and other industries, and invited more than 100 domestic key media , Focus on global economic changes, and discuss the road to high-quality development of China's economy.

In the "Zero Carbon·New Pattern-2021 China Energy Development Summit Forum", the guests discussed "carbon emission reduction" and "industrial innovation empowerment to achieve high-quality development" and other topics of general concern from all walks of life. And announced the selection results of "China Energy Carbon Neutral Pioneer" and other awards. After being selected by a professional selection agency and online voting, Daxin China won the "Annual Carbon Neutral and Emerging Enterprise" award.

In recent years, with the introduction of carbon emission reduction initiatives, issues such as green finance and corporate ESG (environmental, social and governance) performance have become the focus of the market, and the role of the capital market in the process of "carbon neutrality" has also attracted much attention.

Based on years of experience in providing financial services and corporate consulting for energy companies, manufacturing, transportation and other industries, Daxin has established a business innovation service line in 2021-Daxin Carbon Neutrality Research Center, in keeping with national development requirements. , To study national development policies and industry trends, give full play to Daxin’s professional skills and experience in risk management, corporate management and transaction processes, and assist carbon emission compliance companies and voluntary emission reduction units to establish and improve carbon asset management capabilities, and enhance The market competitiveness of enterprises in the new situation of low-carbon transformation.

In the next step, Daxin will continue to work with outstanding global companies to jointly contribute to the development of the world's green economy. 

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