The Daxin conformation letter center was officially launched, and the informatization construction took a new step


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In order to promote the standardization, intensification and digitization of the conformation letter work, strengthen the conformation letter process control, solve the outstanding problems in the conformation letter, and prevent and resolve the conformation letter audit risk, recently, the conformation letter central system of Daxin China members was officially launched and put into use. .

As a crucial part of the audit procedure, Daxin has always attached great importance to the work of sending a confirmation letter. However, the traditional letter confirmation process has increasingly exposed problems such as time-consuming, low efficiency, and error-prone. The informatization of letter confirmation has become an urgent problem to be solved, and it has also become a key step in the construction of Daxin informatization. After nearly a year of program design, system development, and repeated testing, the Daxin conformation letter central system was officially launched, which will play an important role in the 2022 annual report audit.

Integrate the whole process of sending letter confirmation to improve work efficiency

The Letter Confirmation Center has migrated the traditional offline and scattered letter confirmation procedures to the online, and covers the entire process of letter confirmation filling, issuing, retracting, and archiving. In the past, the confirmation of sending letters and the sorting and filing of reply letters, which were done manually by project team members, are now integrated into standardized and automated work, which greatly improves work efficiency and reduces labor and time costs.

Realize intelligent verification and avoid audit risks

In addition to realizing centralized sending and receiving of conformation letters and automatic processing of reply letters, Daxin China Letter Confirmation Center also uses advanced image OCR recognition technology to realize automatic comparison and seal verification of letter confirmation content, and intelligently judge the validity of reply letters. ; Auditors, partners, and quality control reviewers of the project team can also remotely inquire and send letters to confirm the relevant image files of each node at any time to monitor possible risks.

Improve the standardization, intensification and digitization of bank letter confirmation

Actively responding to the digitization-related construction promoted by the regulatory authorities for confirmation by letter, Daxin adopts the API interface direct connection method to realize the connection with the blockchain service platform for confirmation by letter sent by the bank, and promote the application, distribution, authorization, and reply letter for confirmation by letter issued by the bank. The whole process is automated, speeding up the efficiency of sending letters to confirm the processing, reducing the manual intervention of accounting firms, banks and audited units, enhancing business risk control, and reducing the risk of leaks and fraud.

Built-in custom templates to help audit work

The Daxin conformation letter center has realized the integration with the Zhizhen audit platform, and the confirmation results, customer information, project information, etc. can be interconnected; the system has preset letter confirmation templates and manuscript templates customized for Daxin. It can realize the unification and standardization of the letter confirmation process.
In addition, the Daxin conformation letter center has also added the function of sending the confirmation process control table and the summary table of the confirmation result, which can realize the statistical analysis of the confirmation result and automatically generate data for the project team, quality control personnel and partners. and so on for reference.
The completion and implementation of the Daxin conformation letter center marks another major progress in Daxin's informatization construction. In the audit of the 2022 annual report, Daxin will select some units and related projects for pilot projects, and will continue to improve the functions of the letter confirmation center in practice, gradually expand the scope of use, and then comprehensively promote the use of the company. Daxin will also contribute to the development of the industry through its own informatization construction process. 

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