Daxin Global Adds 7 New World Member Firms


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Daxin Network has added new members APEX-CPA in Egypt and Padilla Orozco, S.C. in Mexico in February this year, and recently added 5 new member firms, they are NOKAAF AUDITORS, a new member in Abu Dhabi, UAE; a new member in Islamabad, Pakistan Members Masood Pervaiz & Co; new Delhi, India, M & M Chartered Accountants; Indonesia, KANTOR AKUNTAN PUBLIK RUSLIM DAN RUSLIM; and Mauritius, Clarkson & Associates Ltd.

Up to now, Daxin has 33 member firms in the world, located in East Asia, Australia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, Middle East, Europe, Africa, North America, and Latin America.

The Daxin Board of Directors sincerely welcomes the joining of the above-mentioned new members, and believes that the combination of Daxin Network's brand influence and the professional strength of the above-mentioned new members will promote the further improvement of Daxin Network's transnational service capabilities. 

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