Daxin global welcomes new Saudi Arabia member


Recently, Abdullah Fahad Al sahli Certified Public Accountants(AFS), a Saudi Arabia accounting firm, joined the accounting network of Daxin International and became a new member of Daxin Global in the Middle East Gulf countries.
Abdullah Fahad Al Sahli Certified Public Accountants, the member of Daxin Saudi Arabia, is located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Through its active contributions in professional competence and expertise, the firm not only provides private enterprises with professional services for their operations and project management, but also serves as a link between the government and the private sector.
The vision of the AFS is to become a partner of customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region, providing them with efficient and complete services. These services include external audit, financial consulting and any other professional services required by customers.
Mr. Abdullah Fahad Al sahli, the founder of the AFS, said: "We are very happy to be a member of Daxin global Network and hope that our membership will make us perfect. We are very happy to give and find support during this journey."
On behalf of the Board of Directors, Mr. Yue Hong, COO of Daxin Global, said, "We welcome the new Saudi member to join us. He has enhanced our network's professional service ability in the Gulf countries. We hope that the new Saudi member will make further development in the next step and become an influential accounting firm in the Gulf region.". 

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