Daxin Global ranks 23rd in the world accounting network


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According to the latest survey released by the IAB World Accounting Bulletin in 2023, Daxin Global ranks 23rd in the world accounting network in terms of comprehensive business revenue (global comprehensive business revenue of US $468 million, with 4800 employees worldwide), with audit and advisory business revenue ranking 18th in the world, respectively. There are 36 global members.
In addition, Daxin global's comprehensive revenue ranking has also shown a strong upward trend in various regions of the world, such as Europe, which rose from 30th place last year to 26th place this year, North America, which rose from 23rd place last year to 19th place this year, Latin America, which rose from 29th place last year to 24th place this year, and the Middle East, which rose from 24th place last year to 20th place this year, The African region rose from 26th place last year to 21st place this year, and the Asia Pacific region rose from 16th place last year to 13th place this year.
Mr. Yue Hong, COO of Daxin Global, said, "The 2023 year ranking results of Daxin gobal show that the process of diversification of Daxin International has been further strengthened, and the global practice ability has been further improved."

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