Daxin Saudi Leader Visits Daxin Network Headquarters


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Recently, a group of five, including managing partners Mr. ALSAHLI, Mr. ABDULLAH FAHAD, CEO Mr. ALOTAIBI, FAHAD ADI, and the head of the Bahrain office, Mr. ALOTAIBI FAHAD ADI, visited the headquarters of Daxin Network in Beijing to exchange ideas on the development of Daxin Network in the Gulf countries region. Mr. Hu Yonghua, Chairman of Daxin Global, and Mr. Yue Hong, COO, met with guests and had a discussion at Daxin headquarters.

Chairman Hu Yonghua warmly welcomed the arrival of the leaders of Daxin Saudi Arabia, providing a detailed introduction to the recent development of Daxin Global's global network members and achievements in serving global customers. He also stated that Daxin Global will fully support Daxin Saudi Arabia's various professional work, leveraging Daxin Global's professional advantages and local customer resource background of Daxin Saudi to further expand the social influence of Daxin brand in Gulf countries.

At the meeting, Mr. ALSAHLI and ABDULLAH FAHAD, the managing partners of Daxin Saudi Arabia, highly appreciated the construction, development, and achievements of Daxin Network, and put forward relevant suggestions on strengthening the development of Daxin Network in Gulf countries. and hope that both sides can strengthen communication and exchange, discuss cooperation ideas, and promote the further development of Daxin brand in Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries.

After the meeting, the Daxin Saudi leadership also visited the headquarters of Daxin Network and visited traditional attractions in Beijing. 


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