Daxin collaborates with universities to apply for the course 'Audit Practice'


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Recently, the Ministry of Education of China released the results of the second batch of national first-class undergraduate courses recognition. The "Audit Practice" course jointly applied by Daxin China and Northwest Normal University was recognized at the national level.
This project is led by Li Zongyi, senior audit partner of Daxin China, and organized Wei Caixiang, audit partner of Daxin China, Li Jiqing, paid partner and other backbone forces with rich experience in audit practice to jointly apply with Northwest Normal University.
As a practical expert, the partner of Daxin China, combined with the audit cases of listed companies, taught the concept and method of risk oriented audit to undergraduates and accounting postgraduates of Northwest Normal University, which was appreciated by teachers and students. According to the curriculum arrangement, the Daxin China also arranges for students to attend on-site teaching at accounting firms and related units, with practical class hours not less than one-third of the total class hours.
Northwest Normal University is a key university jointly built by Gansu Province and the Ministry of Education of China, and is one of the 14 universities in the western region supported by China. The school has 26 secondary colleges, including 81 undergraduate majors, 30 master's programs in primary disciplines, 11 doctoral programs in primary disciplines, and 9 postdoctoral research mobile stations.
It is the joint responsibility of accounting networks and universities to cultivate high-quality audit professionals with solid professional skills and high comprehensive quality. This cooperative application course between Daxin China and Northwest Normal University is a beneficial exploration for further in-depth cooperation between accounting network and universities. 

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