Daxin Actively Donates to Fight Floods



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Recently, due to the impact of typhoons, extreme rainfall processes have occurred in North China and other areas, leading to large-scale floods in the Haihe River Basin, triggering floods and geological disasters. On August 10th, a breach occurred in the embankment of Tanli Town, Wen'an County, Hebei Province, upstream of the Daqing River section, causing the flood to rapidly release into Wangkou Town, Jinghai District, Tianjin City. Since the disaster, people in Wangkou Town, Jinghai District have started to relocate and resettle. On the early morning of the 12th, Tianjin suffered heavy rainfall again, causing significant pressure on flood discharge work.
To assist in flood control and disaster relief, Daxin China Tianjin office immediately took action and contacted the government of Wangkou Town as soon as possible. After obtaining a detailed understanding of the urgently needed supplies on the front line of flood control and rescue, they quickly arranged for staff to organize procurement overnight and urgently loaded living supplies to the disaster area in the shortest possible time. They delivered nearly 2000 boxes of urgently needed supplies such as purified water, milk, self heating rice, biscuits, etc. to the frontline rescue personnel.
Daxin will continue to pay attention to the situation on the front line of flood control, do its best, and continue to make due contributions to the overall situation of flood control in China's Beijing Tianjin Hebei region. 


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