Daxin International welcomes new members



Daxin network added new members in Georgia, El Salvador, Qatar, Tanzania, and Malaysia in 2023. Daxin Network currently covers 37 countries and regions, with 38 members worldwide.

The board of directors of Daxin stated that the growth of the network in 2023 is due to the continuous improvement of communication, technology, and service quality by our global members.

During 2023, Daxin Global held the Beijing Annual Meeting of Global Network Members and high-end forums in related professional fields, actively serving clients in cross-border business and strengthening training on the transnational audit quality management obligations that Global Accounting Network members have committed to following regarding FOF requirements.

In 2024, Daxin plans to further improve the audit quality management of global members, expand global members in accordance with the requirements of ISQM1 and IFRS Code of Professional Ethics,And adapt to the needs of global economic multipolarity development.

Group photo of members of Daxin Tanzania.

Group photo of members of Daxin Malaysia



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