Daxin officially establishes carbon neutrality research center


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Recently, Daxin officially established a carbon neutrality research center to support a sustainable low-carbon economy.
With the requirements of the sustainable development of the green economy, the low-carbon economy including "peaking carbon dioxide emissions and neutralizing carbon dioxide" is in the early stage of rapid development.
For example, China’s carbon emission trading system was officially launched on July 16, 2021. The operation process of the carbon emission trading system has been clarified. As the industry with the highest greenhouse gas emissions in China, the power generation industry was the first to be included in the carbon emission trading system. , chemical industry, building materials, steel, non-ferrous metals, paper, aviation and other seven other key industries, will gradually be included in the carbon trading system.
In addition, the China Credit Carbon Assets and Greenhouse Gas Voluntary Emission Reduction Project (CCER) is under preparation, and relevant policies will be released soon. The establishment of the voluntary emission reduction offset mechanism not only provides a powerful carbon quota management method for emission control enterprises through the redistribution of carbon emission rights; it can also allow the funds and technologies of many enterprises, institutions and individuals to enter the carbon cycle and promote low-carbon economic development.
However, the formation of relevant supporting policies and related markets is still in its infancy, advanced technologies (such as carbon sequestration technology) are not yet perfect, and how capital can enter the quota and voluntary emission reduction market is still in the exploratory stage. Enterprises, institutions and individuals need to conduct in-depth research and discussion on relevant policies, market operation mechanisms and carbon asset management.
The realization of low-carbon goals (including carbon peaking and carbon neutrality) requires the guidance of relevant national policies, and requires companies to adopt advanced energy-saving and emission-reduction technologies and green energy technologies. Integrate it into the long-term goals of enterprise products and services, make full use of internal and external funds and the rules of the carbon trading market, and reasonably achieve carbon emission reduction in an economical and safe way, and improve economic benefits.
Based on years of experience in providing professional accounting services and corporate consulting for energy companies, manufacturing, transportation and other industries, Daxin has recently established a carbon neutrality research center to study relevant national development policies, Industry trends, give full play to Daxin's professional skills and experience in the fields of risk management, enterprise management and transaction process, assist carbon emission compliance enterprises and voluntary carbon emission reduction entities to establish and improve carbon asset management capabilities, and enhance enterprises' transformation in a low-carbon economy market competitiveness under the new situation.

Daxin Carbon Neutrality Research Center is committed to the following services

1. Enterprise carbon asset management system consulting services

With the development of low-carbon economy, the quota of carbon emission reduction enterprises will gradually tighten, and the increase of carbon emission cost will force enterprises to improve their own management mechanism, how to make full use of the carbon trading market, and formulate suitable carbon trading strategies; The company's own product and technology development plan selectively invests in related technologies to promote low-carbon development strategies, which are issues that companies must deal with. In addition, companies participating in voluntary emission reduction projects and companies with effective carbon financial products also need relevant professional knowledge on how to participate in carbon trading.

We can start from the most concerned issues of enterprises, formulate annual trading plans and performance plans according to the requirements of national policies, trends in the carbon trading market, trends in annual carbon trading, and cooperate with enterprises to improve the construction of carbon asset management systems. To meet the management needs of enterprises, improve the monitoring and reporting management of carbon assets.

We continue to pay attention to the innovation process of carbon financial products in the market, and provide enterprises with necessary advice when they need financing or investment.

2. Consulting on corporate social responsibility reporting and environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting

We have noticed that more and more clients are paying attention to the ESG disclosure of listed companies. We can assist companies to establish and improve their social responsibility governance system and responsibility governance structure, establish ESG-related executive agencies, and improve the management process of ESG information disclosure. Provide advisory services on the process of disclosing information, such as identifying key issues that should be disclosed.

3 Information support in carbon asset management

In the process of managing carbon assets, the accounting process of carbon emissions and the data of carbon emissions are the key management objects. We can assist companies to establish relevant management processes, build effective management systems and tools, and help companies obtain changes in relevant assets in real time. Provide effective data support for carbon emission assessment, carbon asset allocation, and group management of carbon assets.

4 Intermediary services for carbon financial product transactions

Including providing third-party assurance services for valuation and evaluation in the process of carbon financial product transactions, and providing consulting services for companies to choose financial products.

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